Monday, December 1, 2008

Run, Fast.

This seemingly goes against everything this site advocates. But in truth, it's a necessary part of life. Occasionally, actually quite often, hedonistic behavior--even high quality, organic gastronomical hedonism, leads to a life of excess. Excess isn't necessarily bad, it's just more than necessary. When you have more than necessary of any one thing inevitably it will start to linger around, and if you leave it long enough, it will become rancid.

That's how I've been feeling for the last few days...possibly because I dove off the deep end of the dairy pool when I decided to add the moo juice back to my diet, instead of easing back into the shallow end one toe at a time, inch by inch until I slowly became accustomed to my new unfamiliar surroundings. Possibly also because Thanksgiving just reared it's gluttonist head and even though I said I was skipping it, as I was not particulary in the mood to celebrate "my first official holiday without my mother" as so many people thoughtfully pointed out, I proceeded to make a ridiculously large meal. I was out of concern, and I don't fault them, really I don't. It's just like when you cut yourself, and don't realize you're bleeding or that you've even cut yourself, and then someone points it out and suddenly it's the worst pain you've ever felt, you think you may need medical attention, and possibly some ice cream to ease the trauma. You don't realize you're hurt, and then some one points it out and suddenly you feel like you could possibly be crippled. That's how it was. But I digress...the moral of this poorly pointed story is simply this: my diet lately has been piss poor and heavy on the dairy. Making up for lost time, lost cheese, lost butter...a lost mother. Call it what you will. A remedy is on the way.

I hate to do this to you right before another stab at the holidays, but I feel it is necessary. Cue the dramatic, ominious music....dum, dum, dum. A Raw Food Cleanse. I don't anticipate this lasting for all that long, maybe just two or three days tops. But be aware, the foodie find this week may very well be some off-the-wall juice blend or supplement such as aloe juice, or something equally unappealing to the hedonistic palate you're accustomed to. The recipe may very well be some sort of fruit salad or raw vegetable compliation. I do not anticipate getting so far into this as to start looking for actual "raw food" recipes because I don't particulary enjoy that type of thing. Zucchini masked as spaghetti covered with a raw tomato marinara sauce...cashew cheese and dehydrated carrot and walnutmeal crackers.....cold fruit soups....none of that stuff appeals to me. I will presumably be sticking to salads, crudites, fruit smoothies, juice blends...that type of stuff. You know the sort of food that says "I'm fasting/cleansing/redeeming myself for bad behavior", not the sort of stuff that says "this is my lifestyle...I've adapted to pretending vegetables are pasta and dehydrated bark is flatbread"

My apologies in advance. If you want to skip this week, I will more than understand. I'd actually like to skip this week myself.

until next time,


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